Autism and Mental Health

“Its Okay not to be okay, but Mental Health affects autistic people twice as much. Lets explain why shall we?” So the first thing is to be aware that Mental Health can trigger anxiety and depression and Anxiety in Autistic people can lead to Sensory Overload, as explained in the last blog post i wrote,Continue reading “Autism and Mental Health”

Lets Talk about Masking

“The Secret to Masking written by an #ActuallyAutistic person. In depth experience of how Autistic Masking affects me. Masking is a very important term in the Autistic community, because Masking is the behaviours which many on the Autistic Spectrum use to hide unique Neurodiverse traits, or as i like to call them “Special Abilities” toContinue reading “Lets Talk about Masking”

Racism, Xenophobia, Extremism, Police Brutalisation? Words or Just more?

Ah that word Racism, the word to describe someone’s skin colour in a defamatory manner, Brutalism and Extremism, words only associated with Murder, Guns and violence. Heard all over the world! ¬†Why does this happen? Why is there a witchcraft against minorities, the BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic)? Why does war happen? How do wordsContinue reading “Racism, Xenophobia, Extremism, Police Brutalisation? Words or Just more?”


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